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Call Center Campaigns

Getting trouble with Call center campaigns?

  • How to change/Stop Hold Music

    After joining the campaign, agents hear hold music while CallHub is making calls and waiting for the next call to be picked. Sometimes agents work on campaigns for a very long time and this music coul...

  • Browser based calls do not work in our office. Why?

    If you're not able to get your browser calls up and running, please follow these instructions: Step 1: Run CallHub Browser Check on your Chrome Browser from here:

  • Where to find recordings?

    After your campaign is completed, you would like to listen to your recordings. But where to find it? If you are wondering the same, then this article is for you. Call recordings will be available in y...

  • New survey created in NationBuilder does not show up in CallHub. Why?

    A NationBuilder survey must be attached to a NationBuilder page to be imported. The page can be unlisted. This is a little quirk of the NationBuilder API. Here is how to import your newly created surv...