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How to create phonebook for Calling or SMS campaign?

Before running any campaign, it is essential to make sure that you have set up your phonebook correctly. The following guide will help you to set it up in the right way.

Calling Campaigns:

If you wish to run a Call Center or a Voice Broadcast campaign, you need to make sure that all numbers that you want to contact are available in the “Phone Number” Column.


  • While importing the CSV file make sure that the list of numbers available in CSV is mapped correctly with “Phone Number”.
  • “Phone Number” field is a required field, others are optional.
  • If you need to import more information, you can map your data with existing CallHub fields or could create Custom Fields from here.

SMS Campaigns:

If you wish to run an SMS broadcast or a Peer to Peer texting campaign, you need to make sure that numbers are available under “Mobile Number” Field.


  • Messages will only be sent to numbers available under the “Mobile Number” column.
  • In case there is only one list of numbers, you will have to duplicate the column in your CSV and map one with “Phone number” (as it’s a required column) and the other with “Mobile Number”
  • More data can be mapped in default fields or in Custom fields.

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