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How To Upload and Record Audio in CallHub

CallHub system allows you to upload an audio file or record an audio and use it in your Call center or Voice broadcast campaigns. Below steps will help you on how you can upload, record and listen or download audio.

1.1 Uploading an Audio File

You can upload audio in .mp3 or .wav format into the dashboard.

From the CallHub account dashboard, click on the “Audio Files” menu.

Click on the “Upload Audio” button, enter the name for the audio and  “Choose File” button to select a file to upload. Once the audio file is selected, click on the “Submit”  to start uploading the audio. You may refer to the below images.

Once the audio is uploaded, it will be available on the list as shown in the below image.

1.2 Recording an Audio File

The system also allows you to record your own audio. You need to click on Record Audio and enter the name of the audio and the phone number. Once you receive the call to your number, you can record the audio after the beep.

The audio recorded through the phone call will be automatically added to the CallHub account under the audio files.

1.3 How To Listen/Download Recordings?

Once you have uploaded the audio file in your account, you can listen to the audio or download the file. To listen to the audio, you need to click on the file name under the "Audio" column. 

To download the audio, you can copy-paste the URL under the "Audio URL" section into the address bar of your browser and select the three vertical dots to complete the download. The downloaded file will be available in the Downloads folder of your device.

You are all set!! Any comments or suggestions?  Write to us in comments :)

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