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How does Call Center Pricing Work

Our call center costs are only as per usage. We do not charge for agent seats. Each call made by an agent to a contact is treated as two calls, one from CallHub to the agent and the other from CallHub to the contact.

The price for CallHub to call contacts can vary depending on the prefix of the phone number being called. All prices with prefixes are listed here. See international pricing for calling countries outside your country.

There are 4 modes in which an agent can join a campaign. The prices vary depending on the mode. For the agent leg of the call, this is the pricing split by mode of calling:

  • Browser: USD 0.007 per 30 sec call duration 
  • Dial-in: The inbound call price on the pricing page will apply. 
  • Phone: CallHub calls the agents. The outbound call price in the pricing page will apply 
  • SIP phone: USD 0.008 per 30 sec call duration

Your total pricing would be the cost of the agent calling plus the cost of CallHub calling the contact.

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