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Why Do I See Not Enough Credit to run a campaign?

CallHub makes sure that you have enough credits to run your campaigns and you may come across an error message showing "Not enough credits to run a campaign". This message could show up for multiple reasons: 

Each campaign needs minimum credits to run depending on its type and number of contacts in the phonebook. 

In case of Calling campaigns (Call Center or Voice Broadcast), CallHub makes sure that you have a minimum balance of making 60 calls of 30 seconds each. For example: If you are running a Voice Broadcast campaign from the US, each 30-second call is charged at 1.4 cents. Hence, the minimum credits required to run the campaign would be $0.014 *60 = US $0.84

In case you are running a Peer to Peer Texting campaign, CallHub checks for the total number of messages to be sent(including segments). You should have enough credits to run the complete campaign. For example, you are sending messages to 1000 contacts and length of your message is 2 segments and the text message is charged at 3.4 cents then you will need 2*1000*0.034 = USD $68

NOTE: If you have multiple campaigns running at the same time, the total credits required to run the campaign will be the summation of minimum credits required for each running campaign. 

How to Avoid this:

To avoid this issue, we advise enabling the Auto Recharge here.

Just click enable the Auto-recharge, specify recharge preferences and the recharge amount. Once enabled, you can run your campaign without interruptions. Auto recharge makes sure the account is refunded for the recharge amount when the credits fall below the threshold level. So if the credits go below $25 you could set the recharge to $50.

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