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How To Activate Account

You can create a CallHub Account through here. The sign-up process requires you to enter your valid email address, click check to agree with the terms, and then click the "Create My Account" button to proceed with the activation of your account. 

On the next screen, you need to select your industry and set up a password for your account.

We provide two Account types, i.e. Automated and Manual

  • Automated:  Automated Type is the most popular as it allows you to make automated calls using 3 different dialers.
  • Manual: In Manual, you do not get Dialers, calls are made by Agents/Volunteers from their own phones. 

If required, you can change the Account type while signing up as per your requirement. You can do this from the "Change" link under "Account Type" option. 

On the next screen, you need to verify your phone number. Once you put your number, the system will call you on this number and will display a code. You need to punch in the number after accepting the call to complete the verification process. 

Note: This could be your Mobile or landline number where you can receive a call and punch in the code displayed on the screen. In case you wish to verify a Virtual number like Google Voice or an IVR number, please verify your mobile while setting up the account and send us an invoice for your virtual number at We will be happy to add the number after verification.

Next screen will be your dashboard and now you only need to verify your email address from the email you have received.

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