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Call Center Campaign overview

Campaign overview for Call Center campaigns shows call details and cost of the campaign.

Details for Campaign Statistics:-

  1. Completed -
    Completed counts include contacts that have completed all retry attempts and are not going to be
    called again in this campaign.
    a. Contacted - This include contacts that have been called, talked to the agents and completed
    all retry attempts.
    b. Failed - This include counts of failed contacts i.e unable to dial number, unallocated
    numbers, temporary failure are all included as failed calls.
    c. Added to DNC - Count of contacts that has been added to DNC or marked as Bad Numbers
    by agents.

  1. Pending -
    Pending counts includes number of contacts that need to be reached by agent plus contacts in
    a. Contacts in retry - Contacts that are waiting to be added after retry interval time that has
    been set while creating campaign.
    b. Retry Attempt - Count of retry cycle contact is in. For example - If all subscriber get
    contacted once, and we started to call contact which are marked to be retried, then it will be shown under Retry attempts.
  1.  Total Calls - Total Calls includes sum of Pickups, Voicemail, Dropped Calls and Other Calls.

  2. Dropped Calls - This includes all calls that got dropped while agent is on another call (auto and predictive dialer), count includes retries data.
  3. Voicemail - Count of contacts to whom agent dropped voicemail, count includes retries data.
  4. Pickups - Count of calls that are picked up by the contacts, count includes retries data.
  5. Other Calls - Other calls include no answers, user busy or invalid numbers

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