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How to use privacy settings for Call Center Campaigns?

Privacy Settings Page helps you hide information about your leads/voters from the call center agents. By default, all fields for a contact such as the phone number, mobile number, name, email address are shown to the agents, but based on your use case or needs, you can hide these fields.

Let's see how you can configure privacy settings for your call center campaigns.

Step 1: Settings Page

Login to your CallHub account and click on your profile from the upper right hand side corner of your page. You will be presented with menu options, click on "Settings".

Once you reach the settings page, click on "Privacy Settings" link from the available tabs. Below screenshot shows you the "Privacy Settings" Page. You can also reach the Privacy Settings page, by browsing this link

Step 2: Fields for Display

Below screenshot shows you the fields that can be displayed or hidden from call center agents. By default, all fields are checked, which suggests that the complete contact information is visible to agents.

In the screenshot, I have unchecked "Contact". "Mobile", "Last Name", "City" and "Address" which means all these fields will not be shown to the agents when they're making calls. These fields will also be hidden for the Household Members

Step 3: Saving and Editing Fields

Once you have the fields unchecked, you can click on "Save Settings" at the bottom of the page to save them. You can always edit the fields by just checking or unchecking them, anytime you feel.

Note: Settings saved will apply to all your call center campaigns.

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