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SMS Campaigns with Luminate Online

CallHub allows you to run various SMS campaigns. This article displays all options available for Peer to Peer Texting, SMS broadcast, and SMS opt-in campaigns. Before creating the campaign ensure that you are connected with Luminate Online.

Peer to Peer Texting

1)"Script" section allows you to add Luminate Online Events. - Optional

You can add the events created in Luminate Online in Peer to Peer Texting campaign and get the results synced back in Luminate Online by selecting specific interests for each answer.

2) Under the "Integrations"  section, you can choose Interests that will be available for agents while on a conversation with contacts. Also, you can link your campaign with Interaction in Luminate Online. -Optional

SMS Broadcast

  1. While creating an SMS Broadcast campaign, you can link your Luminate Online Interaction. which will add a log to the constituent's record.- Optional
    Also, you can add interest to constituents when the message is sent or received.

  2. You can set Auto Reply Keywords and could link it with an Interest in Luminate Online. This will flow back to Luminate Online as an Interest for the constituent.- Optional
  3. For positive responses,(YES) can be used to trigger an email from Luminate Online.
  4. Every message sent and received will flow back to a constituent as Luminate Online Interactions log based on the chosen Interaction types during the campaign creation flow.

SMS Opt-in

You can add Interest for SMS opt-in campaign which will be synced back to Luminate Online for a new constituent record. Like, if you are running an opt-in campaign to get consent/OPT-ins from new donors. Users who interact with you to be a part of the event will be marked with Interest "Donor" in Luminate Online.

Data Synced back to Luminate Online



Peer to Peer Texting

SMS Broadcast

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