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Voice broadcast Campaign with Luminate Online

Before creating a Voice broadcast campaign please ensure that your CallHub account is connected to Blackbaud Luminate Online.

  1. Create a Voice Broadcast campaign from Campaigns > New Campaign > Select Voice Broadcast> Next
  2. You can add a specific interest to all constituents that will answer calls from this campaign.  Interest added here will flow back to Luminate Online and will help you fetch all donors that you were able to reach via voice broadcast campaign.

  3. While creating the Voice Broadcast Campaign, you can add Luminate Online Interests for each transfer digit. Interest selected under Transfer will flow back to Luminate Online and will be added to the constituent.

  4. You can link this campaign with interaction from the "Integration" section. An interaction log will be created for each constituent in Luminate Online who are contacted through this campaign.

  5. Recording link for the interaction with constituents will sync back to Luminate Online as Interactions.

  6. An email with recording link will be sent to the campaign manager when attendee chooses to record feedback by pressing a transfer digit.

Data Sync back to Luminate Online

Interests synced to constituent's record in Luminate Online

Interactions synced to constituent's record in Luminate Online

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