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Call Center campaign with Luminate Online

CallCenter campaign integrates smoothly with Blackbaud Luminate Online. You can use this article to know how you can tag your constituents effectively in Call Center campaign and sync back relevant data back to Luminate Online.

Before creating a Call center campaign please ensure that your CallHub account is connected to Blackbaud Luminate Online.

  1. Create a Callcenter campaign from Campaigns > New Campaign > Select Call Center > Next
  2. "Script" section allows you to add Luminate Online events. - Optional

    In this section, you will be able to add a script/verbiage for your agents to use during their calls. You can add your call flow steps that your agents have to follow over the call.  You can also add, text, numeric and muti-choice questions to the script.  Interest selected for each answer in multi-choice question will sync back to the constituent in Luminate Online.

  3. Under the "Integrations"  section, you can choose Interests that will be available for Agents while on call to tag contacts. Also, you can link your campaign with interaction in Luminate Online. -Optional

    As displayed in the above image, you can select "RSVP'd" tag that your agent can add from agent console while talking to constituents if they say yes for the august event.

  4. In case of Patch-through calling, you can choose an interest which will flow back to constituents in Luminate Online. -Optional

  5. Notes of the conversation will flow back to a constituent as Luminate Online Interactions based on the chosen interaction type during the campaign creation flow.

  6. During the conversation, agents/volunteers can click on a link to view the constituent profile that will open in Luminate Online where they can update constituent details

  7. If an agent/volunteers update the constituent in the agent console the data will flow back to Luminate Online and update the constituent.

Data Sync back in Luminate Online

Interest sync to constituent's record in Luminate Online.

Interactions sync to constituent's record in Luminate Online.

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