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How To - Contacts

Add a single contact with ‘Quick Add’

This section tells you how to add a single contact to the phonebook.

  • Step3: Add the ‘First name’, ‘Last name’, ‘Contact Number’, ‘Mobile Number’ and other details of the contact. If adding an international number, begin with + and country code.
    A number is considered International number if it is from a different country then the one setup in the account. For example, if the country setup in the account is US and if a France number is added, it is considered as international number.

  • Step4: Select a phonebook from the drop down, to which the contact should be added.

  • Step4: Click on ‘Add’. The new contact is now added to the phonebook.

Create a PhoneBook and Add Contacts

  • Step1: Goto the 'Phonebook' in the sidebar
  • Step2 :Click on '+New Phonebook'
  • Step3 :Enter the name and description for the phonebook.
  • Step4 :Click on Add.
        A new phonebook is created.
  • Step5 : The newly created phonebook has no contacts. To add Contacts click on 'Import Contacts'
  • Step6 : You will be taken to contacts import page. Click here to check how to import contacts

Note: To create a Phonebook by uploading data from a CSV, click here.

Export contacts data

  • Step1: Goto 'Phonebook' in the sidebar.
  • Step2: Select the phonebook whose contact you want to export.
  • Step3: Goto the 'Contacts' tab.
  • Step4: The option 'Export Phone numbers' will help you to export all the contact number from the Phonebook to a CSV file. This option will export only the 'Contact Number' of the contacts. To export all the data of the contacts in the phonebooks into a CSV file, click on option 'Export Phonebook'.

Delete contacts from phonebook

In this section we show how to delete contacts from phonebook.

  • Step1: Goto 'Phonebooks' in the sidebar.
  • Step2: Click on 'Delete Contacts' in the menu shown.
  • Step3: Upload a CSV file containing list of contactNumber to be removed. Upload the file in below format. Note that + and country code are not required in the contact number.
  • Step4: Select the country for the contacts. All the contacts to be deleted must belong to same country
  • Step5: Click on ‘Remove Contacts’.



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