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CallHub-Luminate Online Integration

What is Blackbaud?
Blackbaud provides software and services for nonprofits such as CRM, marketing campaigns, fundraising, finance and accounting, and analytics. More than 27,000 Non-profits use Blackbaud for their Fundraising and social engagement.

The Integration
Luminate Online is preferred by Non-profit organizations for fundraising and to reach a donor base of 25 million individuals. It gives you a complete understanding of your supporters and an organization-wide set of tools for managing every relationship. With CallHub's voice and texting tools, you will be able to reach out to a large audience and engage with them on a personal basis, at scale.


  • Constituents - Each constituent (Contact in CallHub) from Luminate Online is imported and added as a contact in CallHub.
  • Groups - Your imported groups will be Phonebooks in CallHub. Reach out or engage with groups through voice or text campaigns.
  • Events - Events created in Luminate Online can be brought into CallHub, RSVPs another constituent data can be collected as part of calling or texting campaigns. 
  • Interests - Interests are imported as Tags in CallHub so that you can tag contacts in CallHub based on the conversation. The same is synced back to Luminate Online as Interests in realtime.
  • Interactions - Record history (such as notes, call recordings, messages sent and received) of a constituent across all campaigns in CallHub is sent back as an interaction to Luminate Online.

Using Luminate Online with CallHub products

  • SMS Opt-in - Run an Opt-in campaign to get new Opt-in's and gather data. Make sure you collect the email address of these opt-in's so that you can see them in Luminate Online (Ps - Constituents in Luminate Online are created only when you add their email address)
  • Peer to Peer Texting - Peer to Peer text messaging for personalized conversations. Best suited for engaging users.
  • Call Center - Automated and manual dialers to reach out to supporters/donors quickly to have 1 -1 personal interaction over the phone. Best suited to reach large groups with information you want to share( invitations, event reminders, progress updates, and alerts).
  • Voice Broadcast - Send a pre-recorded voice message to a large audience in the shortest time. Best suited for sending information on fundraising events, promotions, and updates.
  • SMS Broadcast - Bulk texting to send texts to large groups. Best suited to send fundraising event invites, event reminders, updates and collect RSVPs.
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