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How to rent Shared Shortcodes and Keywords

CallHub allows you to use a shared shortcode and the ability to rent keywords. This article talks about the steps CallHub customers have to go through to rent a keyword from CallHub.

Note: CallHub Shared Shortcodes are only available for use in the USA.

Step1:  Navigate to Numbers and click the "Rent" button

Step 2:  On "Request a Shared Short Code" page fill the required information

Pick a Shared Shortcode and Desired Keyword
Choose one of the available shortcodes from the list. You can then search for the desired keyword and select if available. 

Tip: Keyword should be unique and easy to remember like your organization name

How do recipient signup

You need to provide information on how your users have Signed up. Is it  SMS, website or other sources like Social Media platforms

Sample text Messages

You need to declare all messages here which you wish to send. The messages should be approved before sending. Sending an unapproved message will result in the termination of the keyword application

Compliance Requirements

To meet the CTIA compliance you need to provide the following details before applying for the shared shortcode

  • Message frequency per contact per month
    The number of messages you will send to each user from this shared shortcode
  • Support Number:
    This number will be provided to users of the shared shortcode when they send HELP
  • Support Email address:
    This email address will be provided to users of the shared shortcode when they send HELP

Once all information is filled, click the "Continue to payment" button.

Step 3: Preview the filled information and Buy Shared shortcode

On the preview screen, you need to agree to the CTIA Compliance and go ahead and Buy the keyword. More about CTIA can be read here. You will get an email confirming the submission of the shortcode request. Approvals could take up to 2 days.

Step 4: Check Shortcode under the Numbers page

Once you have sent the keyword for approval, CallHub support team will check the sample messages and approve them.  Upon approval, the shortcode will show up as active in the list and can be used to run a campaign.

That's it folks, happy texting! :)

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